15 June 2013
Thank you to everyone you have been all great and made our stay a wonderful experience, we will never forget Mike and Tshenolo thank you. For the great safaris. Loved the lodge also Thanks Frank you have been so helpful & friendly. The location is great, so peaceful here. The delta is fantastic a great place to stay.
Helen Peter Simmons Australia. Will be recommending our friends from Australia to visit here.

14 June 2013
Thanks for everything! We had a wonderful time getting to know The team. Tshenolo & Mike, Peter and Mmapula. They were excellent hosts. Like to be back someday to see the leopard.
Craig Lipkowski USA

14 June 2013

We enjoyed our stay here a lot. The welcoming singing and all the activities were incredible. We had the chance to see a lot of animals. Loved the hippos and the canoe trip. even though we couldn’t catch a fish. We had an excellent time trying!! Peter and Carl were very helpful and nice!! We hope some day we could come back again!!
Thank you all very much!! Backhoff Family.

12 June 2013
We could not have enjoyed our times here at Mapula more! Peter + Carl were very special patient and good guides & Teachers. Miss Mmapula was a wonderful host providing every delight & request we had. Disho was a very pleasant server and Frank could not have been more helpful. Fabulously beautiful lodge & well designed and built.
Thank you all Vicki * Den

10 June 2013
Good stay with excellent food, Superb beds very friendly staff both guides Mike & Tshenolo were excellent!!! Hope to see you again! Wish you all the best.
Cord & Sandra.

9 June 2013
Amazing place to stay with such a lovely and friendly environment special thanks to all the staff that had been so caring and friendly, they took great care of us. Would like to visit again when we come from India.
Sabjay Jindel, Vandane and Vatson

5 June 2013

We have had a wonderful time here. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly and the meals have been fantastic. Hope the plane is able to take off as we’ve certainly heavier than when we arrived!!! This is such a great spot and so peaceful. Hope to be able to come back. Steve and Rebecca Maxted- Hitchin, Hearts= England. Meal on our last night was a great surprise- a very nice end of our holiday.
Thank you.

3 June 2013

Such an amazing place wonderful people. I will remember my stay here for the rest of my life! I will be back! Thank you so much for making the last few days unforgettable
Many thanks Hunt, Alaska, USA

3 June 2013
A beautiful place: What a surprise to have great dinner out in the bush.
Thank you USA

1 June 2013
I have had a wonderful time. Relaxing exciting game drives, friendly helpful staff who couldn’t do enough for us. The food was delicious +plentiful.
Thank you Jill VIC Aust

1 June 2013
Wonderful time, great location. Thank you to all the great staff for being so helpful & welcoming. I will miss this place, hope to return sometime.
Sarah Ballantyne Invercargill, New Zealand Karratha. Australia

1 June 2013
Loved the rustic feel of this place great food some of the best yet.
Thanks Carole Grassliy Sydney Australia

26 May 2013
Thank you to all the staff, we had an exceptinal honeymoon!! The staff were always friendly. So many thanks.

25 May 2013

Thanks to Mmapula! We had an amazing stay here at the lodge. we loved the friendly and familiar atmosphere and the excellent food. Thanks Peter and Mike for the drives and boat trips. We finally saw the lions and a lot of other exciting animals. It was a great experience!

25 May 2013

Very enjoyable end to our holiday!! Was so luvky and blessed to see the baby leopard. Love the idea of water activities as well as the land drives. Our last with the traditional dancing and meal was excellent. We hope to return one day,someday!!

22 May 2013
Thank you very much for everything. Me as the tour leader and 7 travel clients had a wonderful stay here.

17th May 2013
Had a wonderful stay. Staff were wonderful. Simon and Mike know their animals se well. Food wa good and staff were friendly,co operative and helpful.

10 May 2013
Such a lovely place and such a lovely persons! Such a lovely place and such a lovely people! We’d like to stay longer!! Really! Thanks a lot for your welcoming! A great pleasure with all the staff. A nice evening with red wine and white wine too.
We hope to come back Deysieux x 5

6 MAY 2013
Thank you much for the wonderful stay, We will never forget our special experience seeing the animals. The food was wonderful & everyone was very friendly and helpful. Our boys really loved the adventure, We’ll be back!
Irena, Mark, Torsten and Lodi Gaborone

4 May 2013
We were privileged to experience our first Botswana Safari camp at Mapula lodge. The staff and guides are so welcoming and caring, we felt at home. We love the design of the camp and its spectacular location. The game drive, mokoro trip and fishing all made for memories, we will cherish and share with friends and loved ones at home.
Thank you all Steve and Pait Angella USA

29 April 2013
Our stay at Mapula lodge was the most enjoyable; we had wonderful, interesting and sometimes dating adventure. The variety of animals and birds is unimaginable. This was the best experience by far we have had in southern Africa.
From Quiedance and Carlo USA

1 APRIL 2013

We had a fantastic stay at Mapula lodge! Thanks fo the staff- everyone of you who made these days unforgettable. The food- the rooms and he hospitality: it was all great! A special thanks to our excellent tracker; Mike and Muzilla. They made us see more than we could hope for.
Thank you Stoerdal family x 4

31 MARCH 2013
Thank you to whole Mapula Lodge team for their hospitality, It was possible to have a close interaction with untouched & unspoilt beautiful of nature. Simon ( Tracker), Mike & Muzila excellent all rounder. My son got to eat his first fish here. We shall definitely come back to Mapula again to enjoy the good food as well. We carry pleasant memories.
Thank you Adithya, Anandhi & Lakshminaayan

29 MARCH 2013
Thank you for making us feels so welcome! We will always remember our dinner under the full moon & the beautiful voices of the staff as they sang to us. Our guides were excellent trackers & we loved our safari drives in the bush. A lovely place.
Thank you Sherrie & Team

18 MARCH 2013
Daniel & Cecilia, nos emo encontrado un entonno comletamenter diferente a so que eltabamos acostumbnados en nuistros viases peno sin embargo. A sido una espeneniencia mov & burnia. Pues memo, disfavtaqo de la vista dr animals salvaors un saludo.
Para aovel qur lo lea.

14 MARCH 2013
Was made to feel very welcome by all the staff. Food was good especially the (lentil soup) got to see all the animals we could have wished for. So thanks to Mike and Muzila.
Loved the surprise dinner in our room be candle and last breakfast before long flight. Would come back to eat on a new deck.Yvonne + Kim (Australia, Perth)

11 MARCH 2013
My family stay has been fantastic with beautiful surroundings and amicable staff is well prepared and presented. Simon as a driver is very informative in all animals and birds is the forest. Cally is good too. Mmapula Manages very well.
I wish to return for another vacation here.
From Desai’ Family

11 MARCH 2013
My family stay has been fantastic with beautiful surroundings and amicable staff, food is well prepared and prepared. Simon as a driver is very informative an all animals and birds is the forest. Cally is good too. Mmapula Manages very well. I wish to return for another vacation here.
From Taramati and family Desai

28 FEBRUARY 2013
Our stay was absolutely fantastic. The setting here is incredible. Coupled with an amazing group of staff members our forts trip to the delta will be unforgettable. A huge thank you to our guides Mike and KT and all the rest of the team, you are special unit.
Thank you so much Salu Susmile the Bells

24 FEBRUARY 2013
Wonderful team here, the food was better than some 5 star restaurants that we have visited! All the staff do their best to make your experience the best. Best of my birthday party thank you so much Can’t beat the view.
Barbara Maureen Cark Canada


Thank you so much for your hospitality and excellent service! We enjoyed the drives, the meals, the mokoro ride and your wonderful company. The lodge allowed us to experience the nature and still had the service and the course meals at the restaurant.
Emi Kanamaku Nagoya Japan plus Thomas Wu New York

After the initial downpour at the airstrip, Muzila turns to us, flashes a big smile and says ‘welcome to the delta’ our 3 days continued with many great experience, seeing the abundant wildlife and enjoying the company of staff. Now we just need to come back in the dry season.
Thanks Chris Kidwell, Sterling VA USA

10 JANUARY 2013

Breath taking jungle! Absolutely enchanted by the lions most of all. The lodge & the were very accommodating. Thank you for a brilliant holiday,
From Paul Imran

10 JANUARY 2013
Really great experience, the lodge was so eloquently integrated into the landscape. The views are incredible; the staff was attentive and unobtrusive. I would come back here. And even though the wildlife was not abundant for our 3 days, the weather and incredibly diverse landscape made up for it. Thank you, Mapula lodge
Jordan Bertram & Charlie Stein

5 JANUARY 2013
Thank you so much for the incredible experience –the stay have if to and exceeded our expectations and has given us many memories plus special moments that we will never forget.
Thank you Nenna & Speedy

4 JANUARY 2013
Wow what a divine, I have been to very very lucky to have seen such a wide variety of big and small wildlife although I could have done without the snake! Very lucky to decided on this camp – such a well planned hospitality place.
Many thanks Christine N £

30 OCTOBER 2012
An unbelievable experience! So close to the nature and wildlife. We enjoyed our stay very much and we will never forget the scene by waking up. Thank you Mmapula, Philemon and Mike for everything also the staff preparing such nice meal, cleaning the room etc. See you in another 3 years
LOVE Walt & Stynie

26 OCTOBER 2012
Many thanks for a wonderfull 2 nights stay at Mapula lodge. We are so happy to have seen cheetah, leopard and lion as well as a herd of buffalos and many other animals. The programme was great. We will remember this intensive {activities} mature experience.
Kind regads Marion & Denis

18 OCTOBER 2012
Mmapula & Team This has been a fantastic experience. Mmapula and your team wee very welcoming and made us feel special. Philemon and Mike are very knowledgeable and great guides, we felt very safe..The pride of lions, buffalos, elephants, hippos, zebras and dozens of beautiful birds. It truly was a great adventure. Mmapula has done a great job managing the stff and everything ran smoothly. This will be a place we will never forget and‘ll visit again in the future. Thank you it was very nice and relaxing. We saw leopard that was fantastic
LOVE Ross and Candance

1 OCTOBER 2012
To all the staff of Mapula Lodge Thank you so much for the wonderful time, John and I have had over the last time days. I didn’t know what to expect when first arriving at the airstrip and being greeted by Philemon and Mike, but the beauty of the surrounding areas, wetlands and then the first glimpse of the lodge was breath taking. Our lodge rooms, the meals and boat trips and game rides were fabulous. Last night celebrations for independence were a wonderful finale to our stay. Thank you also for all the staff that joined us at this meal and celebration. With fondest memories and best wishes For all your future endeanours
From Anne and John blunt Melbourne

We have really enjoyed our time at Mapula lodge . The staff, the service and foof have been outstanding even animals have been fantastic. We hope to return some day Thank you to all at Mapula Lodge.
From Robert & Linda Conerra Australia


Don & I had a wonderful experience here at Mapula Lodge. We didn’t know what to expect and the food, rooms, game drives and especially the staff, exceeded our expectations. Thank you all for the little special personnal attention. Loved the last night around the campfire.
Fondly _Margie Navice and Dow Carey Walf moon Bay, California

What a wonderful experience for us all which exceeded all our expectations. The game drives were for expertly organised and resulted in sighting of the most unexpected including charging elephants, courting lions magical groups of giraffes. Above them all we experienced the kind hospitality, personal attention, and always warm smile. The food and drinks were excellent and the whole atmosphere of the lodge was outstanding. We thank you for everything and will always remember this trip and your kindness
Fondly Barbara and Frank Gassmaun

We had a most spectacular time her in Mapula Lodge-all the staff have made our experience here very special, we have seen many animals and birds and will remember our stay here. We shall recommend you to our friends.
From Nara & Ben Peceley

Thank you very much for a lovely holiday. You made our stay a wonderful collection of memories that we’ll have for the rest of our lives. We won’t forget you and all the wonderful “little” details that you focused on to make this holiday memorable. Thanks again. John & Clara Dunn Washiton D.C USA

23 AUGUST 2012
Mapula lodge is one of the nicest lodges I have been to. The service and attention to detail is superb, and at the same time very relaxed and personal great activities plus game area. I fully enjoyed my stay. Excellent food and company, great guides and facilities.
From Lizz and Simon Espley Africa Geographic Cape town.